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The main purpose of tires is to provide traction for keeping your car on the road.  Traction is needed for steering, turning, and stopping. Now that we have established how important tires are to you and your vehicle, lets look at how important you are to your tires.  Your tires need some attention also.

Do you have your tires rotated regularly?
Do you have your tires balanced regularly?
Have you checked your tire pressure lately?
When was the last time you had an alignment?
Have you checked your tires for improper wear lately?
Have you had your steering and suspension components checked lately?

At CarSport we recommend that you have your tires rotated, balanced, and inspected regularly.  Why spend money on new tires when you can prolong the life of your existing tires by following a few basic maintenance steps.

Do you have a flat tire due to a nail, screw, or any other object, then bring your car to CarSport for a tire repair.  In minutes we will patch, balance, and mount your tire or tires.