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At CarSport we offer oil and lubrication services for most foreign and domestic cars and trucks.  Motor oil plays an important role in engine performance.  Motor oil lubricates all moving and non moving parts in the engine, therefore, preventing engine parts from wearing out and prolonging their lifetime.  Motor oil also helps cool the engine.

Another important part of an engine is the oil filter.  Its purpose is to remove foreign substances such as dirt and contaminants from the motor oil.  Due to the oil filter, clean motor oil can circulate through the engine freely and protect the engine better.

Since motor oil and the oil filter play such an important role in engine performance, we at CarSport recommend that you have your oil and lubrication services performed every 3,000 miles.

All oil and lubrication services include:

Oil change

Chassis lubrication

Oil filter

Check air filter

Check tire pressure

Check fluids

CarSport features Valvoline brand products for most oil and lubrication services, other brands available upon request.