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Wheel alignment refers to the position of the wheels of the automobile relative to each other and the ground.

Wheel alignment is important in prolonging the life of the car and most car parts.  Good wheel alignment helps:

Tires - less tire wear on front as well as rear tires

 Steering System - less strain on the front-end of
 the car which also makes the car more stable

 Gas mileage - better gas mileage

 Ride - a smoother or comfortable ride

At CarSport we recommend a Four Wheel Alignment.  A four wheel alignment is an alignment which uses the rear wheels of a car as a reference to align the front wheels.

A four wheel alignment includes:

   Checking the tires for improper wear

   Checking steering and suspension components

   A print-out of the cars alignment angles

A four wheel alignment should be done at least once a year.