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   Jimmy's biography consists of a lifetime of automotive service.  From an early start in Germany, Jimmy has built a strong background in all forms of automotive repair on European vehicles.  He performs repairs on all European vehicles and on all types of engines, diesel engines included.

   Bringing his extensive knowledge of European automotive service to Seattle Washington in 1977, Jimmy became involved in various forms of automotive repair.  His knowledge in automotive service expanded even further when he started working on domestic vehicles.

   Moving to Houston Texas in 1981, Jimmy became certified by Ford and General Motors for diagnosis and repair on any Ford and General Motors product.  He also became an ASE Certified Technician specializing in all forms of engine, electrical, and air conditioning repair.  He constantly keeps informed of manufacturers service bulletins, recalls, and new technology.

   Jimmy's entire career has been in the automotive repair industry.  He has owned and operated several establishments around the Houston area throughout the years.  He is not only experienced in automotive repair but he is also experienced in providing Five Star quality customer service.  Five Star customer service includes:

   Jimmy's CarSport will never try to sell you
   something you don't need.
   Jimmy's CarSport will always show you what your
   car needs right in the shop before any work is
   Jimmy's CarSport will always give a free written or verbal
   Jimmy's CarSport will guarantee almost every part
   and repair.
   Jimmy's CarSport will complete the necessary
   work with the highest standars of workmanship.

By providing this Five Star service, Jimmy insures that you will always receive the best possible car repair experience, as well as superior customer service.